A COVID19 Update From Zerology CEO, Shree Kalluri

As the Coronavirus outbreak is impacting our community, the safety of our carshare customers and staff remains a top priority. I wanted to share with you some additional measures we are taking in order to ensure we are doing everything we can to limit exposure to the virus.

In the past week, we have implemented the following safety and sanitary precautions:

  • We recommend carshare users to stay home if they are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms or acute respiratory symptoms
  • We are now disinfecting vehicles after every rental with medical grade solutions
  • We are now providing antibacterial wipes in every vehicle to use as needed

As always, thank you for being a customer and for your continued trust in Zerology as we navigate through this trying time together. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to customer care at (800) 277-1455 or [email protected].

Be safe and take care,

Shree Kalluri
Zerology Founder, CEO

Zerology Selects Trov to Deliver Data-Driven Insurance Product for Electric Vehicles

Trov will use anonymized vehicle data to address the complex risk management challenges faced by Zerology’s Tesla fleet Madison, Wisc.

Mobility Transformation, Inc., the parent company of transportation startup Zerology (Madison, Wisc.), has selected Trov’s (San Francisco) Mobility Insurance Platform to power its carshare fleet of Tesla Model 3s in Madison, Wisc. Trov will use anonymized vehicle data from Zerology’s Tesla fleet to address the complex risk management challenges Zerology faces.


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Zerology Picks Trov for Insurance

Zerology today announced that it has selected Trov to provide insurance for its carshare fleet.

According to a release, Zerology will use Trov’s technology platform to establish a known risk profile that will enable better risk mitigation and reduce costs.


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Trov selected to provide on-demand insurance for electric rideshare company Zerology

Trov, an insurance technology firm focused on providing on-demand insurance, has announced that it has been selected by Mobility Transformation (parent company of Zerology) to provide coverage for zero-emissions rideshare company Zerology.

A release said that Trov will use anonymized vehicle data from Zerology’s fleet of Tesla Model 3 cars in Madison, WI to address the rideshare company’s complex risk management challenges.


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More electric vehicles coming to Madison with Green Cab acquisition of Badger Cab

More of Madison’s taxis will be converted to electric vehicles as a local startup focused on environmentally friendly transportation announced Thursday it has acquired a decades-old cab company.

Mobility Transformation Inc., a Madison company that acquired Green Cab early last month, bought Badger Cab, which was founded in 1946 and owned by Tom Melms since 1978.


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Startup that brought Tesla electric cars to Green Cab buys the company

Just more than 100 days after converting Madison-based Green Cab’s fleet to electric vehicles, a nascent Madison startup has bought the 10-year-old taxi service.

Green Cab was acquired by Mobile Transformation, the parent company of Zerology, and will continue to operate and grow, founder and CEO Shree Kalluri told the Wisconsin State Journal Wednesday.


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Wisconsin State Journal: Startup that brought Tesla electric cars to Green Cab buys the company

Just more than 100 days after converting Madison-based Green Cab’s fleet to electric vehicles, a nascent Madison startup has bought the 10-year-old taxi service.

Green Cab was acquired by Mobile Transformation, the parent company of Zerology, and will continue to operate and grow, founder and CEO Shree Kalluri told the Wisconsin State Journal Wednesday.


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Can a zero-emissions rideshare startup help reimagine transportation in Madison?

I just spent two weeks in Switzerland and France (groan, I know), and one of the highlights of that trip was the interconnected public and private transportation options, or mode share. I could get anywhere I wanted using my smartphone. I could walk out my door and hop on a bus to the train station. I could wave my phone and locate an Uber bicycle near me. I could use my apps to find and pay for a cab, scooter or the subway, sometimes all in the same trip.

It wasn’t that there weren’t any cars. There were plenty. It’s that cars weren’t the automatic first choice. It was almost … un-American.

Back in Madison — where 62% of commuters drove to work alone in their cars in 2017 — Shree Kalluri was already dreaming of creating a different mode share option. The tech entrepreneur and founder of Forte Research Systems has worried about climate change for years, and he purchased an expensive, all-electric Tesla Model S in 2017.

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Madison Paves the Way for a Carbon-Free Environment

MADISON, Wis. (SPECTRUM NEWS) — Governor Tony Evers goal to have Wisconsin Carbon-Free by 2050 is one step closer thanks to the help of two Madison-based companies.

When Green Cab hit the streets of Madison in 2010, it was the city’s first all-hybrid taxi fleet.

“We have saved approximately 1.9 million gallons of fuel compared to what a traditional taxi cab car would have,” said Green Cab Co-founder Jodie Schmidt.

So, what happens when you take those cars and replace them with Teslas? You get a partnership between Green Cab of Madison and Zerology, a Madison startup whose mission is making Madison cleaner through shared-use electric vehicles.

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Tesla News: Model 3 Becomes First Electric Car Approved For New York City Taxis

The movement to integrate Tesla models and electric vehicles in general into taxi cab fleets recently passed a historic milestone. According to the approved list of vehicles from the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission, the Tesla Model 3 has quietly become the first electric vehicle approved for use as a taxi in the city.

Electric cars — Teslas in particular — are becoming increasingly accepted as taxi cabs in American cities. The latest news comes after Madison, Wisconsin, added 20 Tesla Model 3 cars to its all-electric fleet of taxis, in conjunction with a company known as Zerology. Madison launched an all-hybrid fleet of cabs roughly 10 years ago.

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WisBusiness: the Podcast with Shree Kalluri, founder and CEO of Zerology

This week’s episode of “WisBusiness: the Podcast” is with Shree Kalluri, CEO and founder of a Madison startup called Zerology.

Kalluri and others announced this week that Zerology is partnering with Green Cab of Madison to replace the taxi cab company’s hybrid electric fleet with fully electric Tesla Model 3s. In the podcast, he explains what drove him to launch his tech startup earlier this year.

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Tesla CEO Musk’s Vision of Model 3 Cabs Coming True — Sort Of

If this keeps up, Tesla might have to start thinking about fleet sales. A Madison, Wisconsin-based cab company is converting its fleet of 45 Toyota Prius hybrids over to 40 Tesla Model 3 sedans by early next year.

Green Cab of Madison launched in 2010 with an all-hybrid fleet of cabs. However, nine years later, its preparing to make the jump to the battery-electric Teslas in partnership with a local startup firm, Zerology.

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Madison, WI cab fleet to go all electric

Dive Brief:

  • Green Cab Madison in Wisconsin will launch the nation’s first all-Tesla taxi fleet, according to the Madison Capital Times and other reports. The $5 million project is backed by Madison-based tech firm Zerology.
  • The company currently has 45 hybrid vehicles, but will integrate 20 electric vehicles (EVs) as early as next week and turn over the rest of its fleet early next year.

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Madison cab company will run only on Teslas

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) — A Madison cab company is trading in its Toyotas for Teslas. Green Cab announced it’s replacing its entire fleet. This will make Green Cab one of the first taxi companies to run only on Teslas. The company partnered with tech start-up Zerology to make it happen. Green Cab says they want to stay on the cutting edge of sustainability.

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Local companies collaborate to create an all-electric ride sharing experience

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – “With the new all-electric vehicles we can save 8.5 metric tons of carbon per year per car,” According to Zerology. an electric vehicle transportation company, said.

In a collaboration with Green Cab Madison, Zerology released their new all-electric Tesla 3 models as the new ride sharing experience for the City of Madison.

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Madison’s Green Cab harnesses Teslas in push for electric fleet

MADISON (WKOW) — A Madison cab company says it is one of the first in the country to move toward an all-electric fleet.

Green Cab unveiled several Tesla vehicles Wednesday at Breese Stevens Field.

Green Cab’s owner tells 27 News the taxi service is partnering Madison startup Zerology to replace the fleet of hybrid cars with Tesla vehicles.

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InsideWis: Healthy startup communities benefit when entrepreneurs cash out

MADISON, Wis. – It was significant enough that startup Zerology launched its partnership with Madison’s Green Cab Co. by unveiling a fleet of 20 all-electric Tesla Model 3 cars that will soon be ferrying passengers citywide.

It was a bonus that Zerology and Green Cab are motivated by cutting tailpipe emissions to zero – hence the startup’s name – and making money doing so by providing sleek, silent rides to customers who appreciate the upscale taxi experience.

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Madison Green Cab goes electric; to be nation’s first all-Tesla cab fleet

When Green Cab of Madison launched in 2010, it was the city’s first all-hybrid taxi fleet. Now it is poised to become one of the nation’s first all-electric.

In partnership with local startup Zerology, Green Cab plans to roll out 20 battery-powered Teslas next week, with plans to convert the rest of its fleet by early 2020.

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A fleet of 40 Tesla Model 3s is creating an all-electric taxi service in Madison

A fleet of 40 Tesla Model 3 vehicles is being deployed in Madison, Wisconsin to create an all-electric taxi service.

Green Cab Madison, which currently operates a taxi fleet consisting of 40 Toyota Prius, partnered with Zerology to go all-electric instead of hybrids.

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Green Cab goes ‘greener’: Company flips switch to all-electric Teslas

MADISON, Wis. – As Wisconsin aims to be carbon neutral by 2050, an area company is making a change that will help.

Soon, Green Cab will be one of the nation’s first taxi companies with a fleet made entirely of Teslas.

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Madison Green Cab transitioning to electric Tesla fleet

Tech entrepreneur Shree Kalluri wants to make Madison the most sustainable city in the world — starting with its taxi cabs.

“We can reach to the disenfranchised. We can provide new employment opportunities. There is so much that can be done if you solve the transportation problem,” he said. “We want to solve it.”

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My Interview with Shree Kalluri — Madison`s Elon Musk!!

I had the chance to talk at length with Shree Kalluri founder of Zerology who just partnered with Green Cab of Madison to bring 25 brand new Tesla all electric vehicles to the Madison Market.  He is a real visionary and is dedicated to making Madison a model for using electric vehicles in all forms of transit.  He talks about mass transit, production, and the future of the technology. Please turn your volume up and listen to part or all of this interview…

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