How to Reserve – You may rent a Vehicle on an hourly or a daily basis through Zerology Z-Sharing and subject to the terms of this Agreement. Pricing, cancellations, and reservation timeframes may vary.

Mobile App

To reserve using your mobile device, download the ZeroCar app via the App Store or Google Play.

After registering/signing in, you’ll see cars currently available near you. Click the vehicle to refine your search (location, time, date, car type). Select the vehicle that best fits your needs and confirm the reservation details.


Login to your account online and input the search criteria for your reservation. Select the vehicle that works best for your or modify your search to find other available cars.

What’s Included With My Booking?

Driving with ZeroCar has value. Here is some of what is included in all reservations:

  • It’s electric, you never have to stop for gas. Just plug the vehicle into the charger when you return.
  • Unlimited miles – just remember to recharge for the next driver. And you’re limited by charge range, so plan your trips accordingly.
  • Insurance coverage in case of an accident
  • A free, designated parking spot at the host location. Never worry about trying to find a spot.
  • 24-hour Roadside Assistance, just call us at 800-277-1455

Changing & Cancelling a Reservation

If you need to extend, cancel, or modify your reservation, you can do so through via the mobile app.

Except for cancellations completed 24-hours prior to the start of your trip, we do not provide refunds of the Pre-Authorization Charge or any other fees. If you believe you have been charged in error, you must submit a formal request to Member Services and include your name, phone number, and reason for refund request. Requests will be reviewed and responded to within five (5) business days.


  • If you don’t cancel or shorten within the required timeframe, you’re responsible for the full amount of the reservation
  • Early returns will not be credited for time unused
  • Reservation extensions can be done if no existing reservations follow yours

Can I reserve overnight?

With demands on the vehicles we are not offering multi-day reservations. However, if you were lucky enough to create separate reservations spanning the full day rate, you might be able to secure the booking in our system.

Please be advised you will be responsible for any charge costs that incurs outside the vehicle’s host property.

Charging Costs

Zerology covers all charging costs while the vehicle is plugged into the host charging station. If you take the vehicle on an extensive trip and require charging at another station, you will be responsible for the charge rates.

Tesla SuperChargers will bill the Zerology account, and users will be charged back with an additional $5 processing fee.

Reservation Timeframes

You can reserve a ZeroCar for as little as two hours or the entire day. Reservations can be made in one-hour increments. When booking, keep in mind that your ZeroCar is available for others to reserve before and after your reservation. Make sure to give yourself enough time so that you don’t impact another member’s trip if you get caught in traffic.

If the vehicle is not in an existing reservation, you can request additional time. If the vehicle is returned late, you will be subjected to additional $50 charge.

Users can create an individual ChargePoint account. This will allow you to charge without incurring additional fees.

Your ZeroCar needs to be left with at 25% capacity, so the next riders can start of the reservation without worry. Please plug the vehicle into the charge to avoid fees. If you start your reservation and the vehicle has not been charged at the start of your trip, please contact customer care.

Avoiding Additional Fees

No one likes to talk about additional fees and fines, but they do happen from time-to-time. Below are the common fees:

  • Late Returns: If you return the Vehicle later than the reservation end time, and to the extent permitted by law, a $50 late fee plus applicable taxes will be charged per hour in addition to the usage rate of the Vehicle unless you have reported the Vehicle as stolen. You must click “End Trip” in the Zerology App upon returning the Vehicle and must return the Vehicle to the location where you picked it up as designated in the Zerology App. Failure to do so may result in late fees. Subject to Vehicle availability, you may extend your reservation end time to avoid a late fee in the Zerology App. You will be charged the usage rate for the Vehicle for the additional time if you choose to extend your reservation end time.
  • Low Charge: In the event a Vehicle is returned at the end of your Trip with less than 25% battery and the vehicle is not plugged in for the next Member, Zerology retains the right to charge a recharging fee. EV Vehicle must be returned with at least 25% battery charge. If it is returned with less, you will be charged a $50 fee.
  • Keycard Replacement: If you have been given keys to the EV and those keys are not returned at the end of the Trip, Zerology reserves the right to charge for replacement. Lost Key Cards will charge a fee of $45 to replace. Lost Key Fobs are $175 to replace.
  • Reservation Changes: You can cancel or change your reservation at no charge up to 24-hours before your Trip is scheduled to begin. If you cancel or change your reservation within a 24-hour window of the reservation, you will be charged for the full reservation.
  • Cleaning: You are to return the Vehicle in a clean condition for others to use. If found otherwise (for example, carpet or upholstery stains, odor or residue from smoking, pet hairs, etc.) you will be charged up to $150 plus applicable taxes for cleaning fees.
  • Tickets/Violations: You are responsible for timely response to and for paying any charges for parking tickets and moving violations incurred during your Trip. If we receive a notice and process a violation (including toll violations), you will be charged the ticket and violation fee and a $20 processing fee plus applicable taxes. You also authorize us to provide your personal and payment method information to the charging authorities to process a violation. You understand and agree that, if Zerology receives notifications by prosecution authorities of violations of laws, rules, or regulations allegedly committed with a Vehicle rented by you, Zerology may provide your complete and accurate data (full name, date of birth, address) at the time of the alleged traffic rule violation to the respective prosecution authorities.
  • Damages: As permitted by law, you are responsible for any loss of or damage to the Vehicle resulting from any cause (“Member’s Damage Responsibility”) including but not limited to collision, rollover, theft, vandalism, seizure, fire, flood, hail, or other acts of nature regardless of fault. Damages include our estimated repair cost, or if, in our sole discretion, we determine to sell the Vehicle in its damaged condition, you will pay the difference between the Vehicle’s retail fair market value before it was damaged and the sales proceeds. Where permitted by law, you authorize us to charge you for the actual cost of repair or replacement of lost or damaged items such as glass, mirrors, and antenna, as part of the rental charges upon return. If the Vehicle is stolen and not recovered you will pay us the Vehicle’s fair market value before it was stolen.  As part of our loss, you will also pay for loss of the Vehicle, without regard to our fleet utilization, plus an administrative fee for processing the claim, costs associated with recovery of the Vehicle, plus towing and storage charges, if any.  You are not responsible for normal wear and tear on the Vehicle.  Before each reservation please check the car inside and out and report any damage.
  • Tolls: You will be responsible for any tolls incurred while using the Vehicle though the Vehicle may have a toll pass. If your Vehicle has a toll pass, you will be charged the toll fee to the card you have on file. Tolls incurred may also be subject to a processing fee of up to $5 per instance.
  • Billing. If a payment card charge is declined by your payment card issuer (either for a Pre‑Authorization Charge or incurred fees or charges), we may immediately suspend or terminate your membership. We reserve the right to assign a delinquent Account to a third-party collection agency.

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